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It's a warm summer evening as you stroll along the paved path to your personal backyard oasis. As you approach, you hear the gentle trickle of water cascading down the natural rock waterfall breaking the mirrored surface of your very own pond. Dragonflies hover from water plant to water plant. Tall reeds, blooming water lilies and hyacinth add beauty and architecture to this serene picture. Your Japanese Koi rise to the surface as if to greet you. There is something immediately soothing about the combination of flowers, fragrance, reflections, the glint of golden fish and the sound of water. Your mind, if only for the moment, escapes the stress of everyday life as you lose yourself to this aquatic therapy.

Does this sound like something available only to the rich and famous? Not so. Dishler Landscaping has installed many ponds and water gardens, with or without waterfalls, for homeowners like yourself. Like other improvements, the installation of an outdoor pond or water garden would be an investment adding to the overall value of your property. We think you will be surprised to learn that such a project is very affordable and requires very little after-installation maintenance. At Dishler Landscaping , we guarantee all of our work, use only the highest quality products and our experienced, on-staff horticulturist will help you select the right plants for your region and personal taste.

An outdoor pond is a unique entity and a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about nature. Ponds attract beautiful birds, amphibians and other wildlife creating a constantly changing setting of endless enjoyment.

If an outdoor pond or water garden is on your wish list, let Dishler Landscaping make it a reality.

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